A Quick Guide to Truck Tires

In order to safely transport both goods and people, it is critical to understand semi truck tire sizes. Both buses and semi trucks carry thousands of pounds of often precious cargo a year, and tires must be carefully selected to ensure safe travel. The importance of proper tires can’t be underestimated, as both transmission gearing and road speed are affected by the tires. As always, it is important to have a good tire semi truck repair resource available, preferably a mobile semi truck tire repair. You never know when you might need it.


Since the late 80s, modern tubeless semi truck tires have been the standard. The 11R22.5 and the 11R24.5 rolled in to replace the 10.00-20 and the 10.00-22 range. These newer, low profile tires emerged in the tail end of the 90s offering less weight and superior performance.

A Variety to Choose From

Fortunately for the driver, semi truck tires follow a standardized system. Your standard profile will be 11R22.5G while the low profile will have 275/80R22.5G. This may at first seem random, but it’s fairly easy to break down. The section ratio is depicted in the 11 or 275/80 aspect ratio. “R” stands for radial tires, while bias ply tires will be represented with a dash. The load rating is indicated by “G” while “22.5” is the wheel diameter. The widest point of an unloaded tire is the section width. The section height is measured from the rim of the wheel to the outside of the tire. A good mobile semi truck tire repair service should be able to explain all of this to you.


Standard profile tubeless semi truck tires sizes start in eight, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve. They indicate the width of the tire body in inches. Additionally, these standard profile tires will have an aspect ratio of eighty eight percent. That is to say, the height of the semi truck tire from tread to rim will be exactly eighty eight percent of the width. Therefore, an 11R22.5 semi truck tire will be nine and a half inches high and eleven inches wide.

However, low profile tires don’t show their width in inches, but rather in millimeters. A 275/80R22.5 tire is two hundred and twenty millimeters tall, and two hundred and seventy-five meters wide. Low aspect semi truck tire ratios are around seventy percent, seventy five percent, and eighty percent. Tube-type semi truck tires have widths such as 9.00, 10.00, or 11.00, such as in 1000R20. You would say this as “ten hundred R twenty.” Tires requiring inner tubes have yet another different aspect ratio, falling at ninety eight percent. Mobile semi truck tire repair services can take the complexity out of tires when things go wrong on the road.


Not to be confused with tires, wheel size is another critical part of the semi truck. Simply put, the tire is the rubber surface, while the wheel is the rest of the mechanism. The wheel size will determine what kind of semi truck tire, or what kind of mobile semi truck repair service you need. Every wheel has its diameter in inches. Whole numbers represent a multi-piece wheel that necessitates an inner tube. Generally speaking, these sizes will be twenty inches, twenty-two inches, and twenty four inches. On the other end of the spectrum, semi truck tires without tubes will have half inch sizing. Most commonly are nineteen and a half inches, twenty-two and a half inches, and twenty-four and a half inches. These semi truck wheels can also have varying widths: a tire semi truck size chart or a mobile semi truck tire repair specialist should always be consulted in order to match the width and size.

Load ‘em up

As stated previously in the article, the final letter in the tire size sequence indicates the load range. The load range is what indicates exactly how much weight that single tire can carry. The common range “G” in the aforementioned 11R22.G5 ask well as the low-profile 22.5 can both support six thousand, one hundred, and seventy-five pounds when inflated to 105 psi. Dual mounted semi truck tires will have a lower load rating. Additionally, the inflation pressure will have an affect on the load capacity. While the tire manufacturer will provide a table with the critical information, it’s always better to have an expert mobile semi truck tire repair service on hand to make sure everything is safe and steady.